Journal of Criminology and Criminal Law No. 2/2021


Slađana Milošević

Institute for Mental Health in Belgrade

Dragana Mitrović

Institute for Mental Health in Belgrade

Received: August 7th 2021

Accepted: October 2nd 2021

UDK: 343.852(497.11)

Pages: 143-160


In accordance with modern understandings of criminal law science and solutions present in the comparative criminal legislation, the Criminal Code of the Republic of Serbia pays special attention to security measures as special and above all specific criminal sanctions. They are one of the four types of criminal sanctions provided for in this legal text. Among the eleven security measures, four are of a medical nature and they differ in a number of features, not only in relation to other criminal sanctions, but also other security measures. One of the medical safety measures is the obligatory treatment of alcoholics. There are a number of specifics of this security measure, and one of them is its manner of execution. Given this, the subject of analysis in the paper are two aspects of the safety measure of compulsory treatment of alcoholics. These are: normative and practical. The justification of this approach in the analysis of the subject matter is contained in the fact that only adequately performed and this security measure is in the function of its standardization - the function of eliminating conditions or conditions that may affect the perpetrator in the future does not commit crimes due to alcohol dependence. to the expression of criminal acts of violence that are increasingly present in the total mass of crime.

KEY WORDS: alcoholism, security measures, compulsory treatment of alcoholics at large, addiction, crime, specialized institution, court, enforcement

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