Journal of the Institute of Criminological and Sociological Research No. 1/2020


Marija Stojanović

University of Belgrade, Faculty of Special Education and Rehabilitation

Received: 07. April, 2020

Accepted: 24. April, 2020

UDK: 343.82:343.541

Pages: 63-79


Sexual delinquency is a worldwide problem that affects people of all social and cultural backgrounds, leaving many detrimental consequences for direct and indirect victims as well as the community. The socio-political reaction to sexual offending has changed throughout history. The initial reaction involved an extremely retributive approach, but the development and humanization of society forced the focus of treatment to expand to foster positive potential in the offender's personality and behavior. The main objective of this paper is to present the basic models of treatment of sex offenders that are supported by the research results: Relapse prevention model, Self-regulation model, Risk-needresponsivity model and Good lives model. The paper will also discuss the incidence of sexual delinquency in Serbia, as well as current findings in the field of sex offender assessment.

KEY WORDS: sexual delinquency / sex offenders / models of treatment / cognitive-behavioral interventions

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