Journal of the Institute of Criminological and Sociological Research No. 2-3/2022


Hajdana Glomazić

Institute of Criminological and Sociological Research, Belgrade

Andrijana Mikić

College of Social Work, Belgrade

Received: November 8, 2022

Accepted: December 15, 2022

UDK: 159.944.4.072-057.16

Pages: 55-65

DOI: 10.47152/ziksi2022034

Caring for the mental health of professionals working with vulnerable groups, such as victims of violence and migrants, includes measures taken to be monitored, protect and promote the well-being of people employed in these professions. It involves a system of different tools, practices and structures that have been developed to support the well-being of mental health professionals. The subject of this paper is the consideration of the relationship between professional exposure to stress and mental health. The aim of the work is to examine the experiences of professionals who provide psychosocial support to victims of violence, and who are consequently professionally exposed to stress. The method used in the paper is a thematic, semi-structured interview. The results showed that chronic occupational exposure to stress affects mental health.This requires a well designed organisational approach to the problem, including training and preparation of staff for trauma and stress at work, and providing supervisory support at work.

KEY WORDS: staff care, psychosocial suppor, mental health, victims of violence, trauma

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